Instream tidal power has the potential to bring predictability to large-scale renewable electricity generation due to the regularity of tidal cycles. Renewable electricity is a cornerstone of greenhouse gas emission reduction and sustainable development. In the case of the Bay of Fundy, tidal energy would also displace coal-fired thermal combustion as a source of electricity to the Nova Scotia grid and therefore reduce emissions of NOx, SOx and heavy metals such as mercury.

BLACK ROCK TIDAL POWER INC. (BRTP) is a company with the purpose of being a system-integrator that delivers cost-effective turnkey solutions of in-stream tidal power generation.

BRTP is specialised in the development and implementation of TidalStream Triton platforms that carry a multitude of SCHOTTEL tidal turbines.

BRTPĀ“s services cover the range from site specific platform designs and corresponding installation procedures to project management, manufacturing and commissioning of devices. BRTP also supports the development of operation, maintenance and monitoring methods and strategies.